At Dos Perellons, we have been prioritizing what truly matters for over a century.

And we are well acquainted with the fruits of doing what one wants because they want to.

In fact, without that, we wouldn't exist.

You will understand it better with this story

Our great-great-grandfather, Jordi Perelló, was an attractive person who wore a baggy gray corduroy suit.

And yet he was attractive.

Because he was attractive to the real ones, those who have things very clear.

One of those who are willing to change what they don't like.

A pioneer in doing what his body asked of him.

That's why, in 1882, when he was working as a carpenter because it was what he had to do, he quit.

He dared. And he played it.

He changed what he didn't like for what he really cared about, which was distilling liquors and mixing herbs.

He was also a pioneer in that.

And from there, the history, roots and values ​​of what ultimately ended up being Dos Perellons, a distillery with more than 140 years dedicated to creating what really matters to us.

That's why we know the value of doing what you want because you want it.

Dedicate time to what really matters to you.

And do it for real.

Choose how you want to enjoy what really matters to you

Because if you're going to do it, really do it.

  • Real herbal liqueur

    We grow the herbs, select them and mix them in an artisanal process. Because if you want to do it for real, you need some real

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  • Almond liqueur to really enjoy

    Elaboramos esta exquisita crema aterciopelada en boca con mucho amor y dedicación para los que saben disfrutar de verdad

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  • Limoncello to really experience

    El limoncello de siempre pero muuuuuy nuestro. Un limoncello a la mallorquina no puede más que sorprender a los atrevidos. Experimenta y saborea de verdad

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  • Stick and Mix to really share

    Dos licores tradicionales de los buenos de verdad. Porque nos debemos todos a nuestras raíces, a nuestra razón de ser, a esos momentos de verdad, a los compartidos

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  • Gin from Mallorca to really celebrate

    ¿qué sería de nosotros, de las personas si no crecemos y evolucionamos? Somos de licores tradicionales pero sabemos que en la vida hay que crecer, desarrollarse, innovar. Así que tu Gin de Mallorca para celebrar de verdad

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  • Vermouth for real appetizers

    No sin un Vermut dulzón, alegre y brillante. No sin un aperitivo de verdad. Ese que es improvisado y que te da la vida.

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Sweet recipes to share with your loved ones

We want to help you truly enjoy time with your friends and family.

What better way than making delicious desserts?

Download our recipe book for desserts with almond liqueur and give your sweet treat a little touch of authentic Mallorcan flair.