The taste of tradition and the art of doing things well

More than 140 years after its founding in Llubí in 1882 by Jordi Perelló Perelló, Dos Perellós continues to be an artisan and family business run by the fourth and fifth generations, Antonio Perelló (74 years old) and Maria Francisca Perelló Perelló (32 years old), which offers a wide variety of homemade liqueurs, including: Mallorcan herbs (sweet, mixed and dry), Palo, Mesclat, Almond cream, Brandis, dry anise and Moscatel.

Story of Two Perellons

In 1882, in a small town on the island of Mallorca called Llubí, a carpenter named Jordi Perelló Perelló decided to change his profession and founded some traditional distilleries.

After practicing this profession for a few years, he transferred those distilleries to his sons Jorge and Antonio Perelló Planas, who decided to take different paths. Antonio, in 1917, like many Mallorcans of that time, emigrated to America and established some distilleries in Mendoza (Argentina). But in 1947, his second son, Antonio Perelló Perelló, opened the distilleries again in the old premises of Llubí, where his grandfather started. Little by little it is expanding the surface area, as its production progressively increases. In 1973 it became a Public Limited Company with the name Dos Perellons SA (in reference to its two surnames). In 1991, for expansion reasons, it moved to new premises in the Son Castelló industrial estate in Palma de Mallorca.

Today, more than 140 years after its founding, it continues to be an artisanal and family business run by its fourth generation and where its fifth generation is already learning the trade to be able to continue the ancient family tradition.

La historia de Dos Perellons en 3 minutos